Phoebe Warden – Now That There’s No Weekend (2020)

For many people, the last year seems to have blurred into a single long expanse of time. The feeling of endless hours, days and weeks all blended into one is what Phoebe Warden explores in her single ‘Now That There’s No Weekend’. Touching on the loss of normality, the single considers the liberation of this and how we have been able to adapt. Focusing on the positive aspects, it encourages listeners to see how adaptable they are.

While inspired by folk singers of the past, Warden crafts her own authentic and heartfelt sound. Through this sound, she opens the window of the soul and offers a breath of fresh air to anyone listening.

‘Now That There’s No Weekend’ plucks its way across your ears with a wonderful blend of folk and country tones. While there are some traditional country notes twanging to life in the base of the melody, it is the mandolin that really grabs you. The shivering tones of the mandolin send a thrill down your spine after the chorus. This combines with the folk-country flow of the melody for an easy listening experience. The blending of the melody provides a sonic representation of the blurring in life that many people have felt recently.

Warden’s vocals bring an honesty to the soundscape with her unique folk sound. There are moments of powerful surges in her performance that bursts through the haziness that has fallen over many people. This is bolstered by the lyrics which offer a sense of liberation from the stifling confines of normality. The high notes of her vocals performance are like golden threads wisping past in the edges of your vision. Everything combines for a gentle flow that you sink into while feeling the freedom of a new normal.

Phoebe Warden turns the blurring of time from this year into a sense of liberation through the country-folk soundscape of ‘Now That There’s No Weekend’. The melody combines the best parts of traditional country with folk while adding a shivering mandolin line. Warden’s vocals are easy to listen to as she draws you to an understand of the freedom of a new normal.

Find out more about Phoebe Warden on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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