Corinna Jane – Songs For My Mother (2020)

One of Corinna Jane’s greatest passions has always been music. She started to play songs by ear on the piano as a child before taking piano and singing lessons at age 5. While she has released a range of singles, her latest EP Songs For My Mother is a special release dedicated to her mother who passed away earlier this year.

The EP is a tribute to her mother and includes four tracks her mother loved. While each track was loved by her mother, some have a deeper connection.

‘Distant Lights’ opens with a gentle piano that leads to Jane’s haunting vocals. This track is a heart-breaking power ballad that gives you goosebumps as you listen. The song also showcases the control of Jane’s vocal performance.

‘The Train’ has a more folk opening with acoustic guitars. The folk-inspiration highlights the longing in the song for a connection. This is a very dramatic track with cinematic production. It is epic in nature and would not be surprising to hear in a movie.

‘Pour Me A Glass Of Tomorrow’ is a live recording of the track done while Jane’s mother was in the hospital. This offers a raw performance with emotions that cut through you and leaves you emotional. The lyrics are poignant and lays out the rich tapestry of life. The fact that it is only Jane’s vocals and an acoustic guitar on the track somehow makes the song better and my favourite on the EP.

Songs For My Mother closes with ‘Berlin Sous La Neige’ which is a beautiful instrumental piece. The track was written during a snowy winter in Berlin and the notes bring forth the imagery of snow flurries. This gentle track is a great way to end this emotional EP and will stay with you for a long time.

Corinna Jane pays tribute to her mother in the hauntingly beautiful Songs For My Mother. The EP is only four tracks long, but will leave you emotional and covered in goosebumps. Each track is outstanding on its own, but combined in a single EP they blow you away.

Find out more about Corinna Jane on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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