Pioneers – I Don’t Think I’ve Changed (2019)

May I just state that ‘adulting’ sucks!  When you’re a teenager or even a young twenty-something, life doesn’t seem too bad.  You are on the cusp of your best years and feel excited about everything.  A few years later, you’ve had some experiences (good and bad) and things aren’t as rosy as they used to be. 

As a millennial, even a vintage millennial, I understand the expectations of society.  The monotony we endure to survive, and the supposed standards associated with each step toward retirement.  The fact is, for many people in my generation, we acknowledge the need to change but we really don’t think we’ve changed at all – we’re merely more knowledgeable.

Is this a good thing?  No longer being young but still holding onto youth.  Still clinging to when things were simpler and avoiding the devastating passing of time.  The Pioneers respond with their latest single ‘I Don’t Think I’ve Changed’.  Not only do they knock it out of the park with the melody, but the notable nostalgia is too relatable.

The Pioneers are an indie-rock quartet hailing from Southampton.  Already a distinguished band with features on Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, this young group are one of the up-and-comers that will win your heart.  Influences from The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys is evident in ‘I Don’t Think I’ve Changed’, but the rockier edge makes these gentlemen unique.

While the lyrics (superbly performed by vocalist Sam Watts) tend to be reminiscent of earlier years, this does not detract from the maturity of the song.  Instead of being a simple, ‘all over the place’ track indicative of youthful wistfulness, The Pioneers maintain a steady harmony from beginning to end.  A powerful lead guitar dominates but mixes impeccably with vocals and drums to produce a stadium-worthy anthem for people of all ages. 

Simply said, The Pioneers understand the need to accept ageing, but want to freeze the passage of time and don’t believe they’ve changed much from their younger days.  Then again, does anyone change entirely?  I’m happy to blast this meaningful track as loud as possible from morning to night, and I don’t even care.

To engage with The Pioneers and enjoy more of their music, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram.

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