Maggie Cassidy – Runaway (2019)

Maggie Cassidy is a pop-rock quintet formed in the United Kingdom in 2018. They released their new single, ‘Runaway’, on August 9th, and it is already proving to be a popular song for the group.

The group has said that ‘Runaway’ is about creating a space of your own with someone that you love, away from the noise and business of modern life. It’s about shutting out the world and focussing on what matters. This song represents what Maggie Cassidy is about – escapism and community.

When listening to this song that is the exact message that is received. It was about having a need to escape and be with the one you love without distractions. A lyric that really resided with me was ‘why do we wait for every moment in this life?’ I think this line set up the song perfectly and delivered their message to the audience in a way that gets them thinking as well.

The song was introduced by a strong raspy guitar strum and then it was joined by a subtle drum beat, which I think evened each other out nicely. The verse got progressively more built-up until it made sense for the chorus to take control. The instrumentals for this song were very powerful and played alongside the lyrics instead of behind them. It’s easy to see the band’s chemistry with this song and that they have experience in learning each other’s movements.

The song was unified and had the ability to express each individual’s talent without trampling over another. My favourite part of the song was the ending where the song met the bridge with a sense of punk-rock. This is different from the rest of the song and saw a different side of the band.

‘Runaway’ takes me back to the look and feel of an old school rock band, but introduces elements of new age rock, which is something not many bands can pull off. Maggie Cassidy has said that the goal of their band is to introduce ‘dirty-pop’ to mainstream audiences. If they keep delivering songs like this, they have the grounds to become a big deal in the music industry.

You can engage with Maggie Cassidy on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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