Track of the Day: Plastic Glass – Going Away

Plastic Glass has released an infectious new single called ‘Going Away’. The song radiates the band’s live indie sound and is full-to-the-brim with intricate lyrics, big guitar and pulsating bass lines. The four-piece from the North East gained plenty of attention on the live scene last year before the pandemic struck. Yet despite that viral spanner in the works, the band’s latest single captures magnificently the essence and raw energy of a live show. Listening to ‘Going Away’ takes you to sweat-drenched crowds crashing into each other as music bellows out of trembling speakers. The song drips with lights flashing as beer rains down and makes everyone’s shoes sticky.

It is a confident release from a young band who have quite clearly refined their sound and honed their craft in the best way possible by performing their potent brand of indie all over the country to potential fans and the already converted. My first few listens of ‘Going Away’ had my ears glued to the song’s addictive beat, its music, melody and vibe but, its lyrics are worth quite a bit of attention too. They flow with ease and are enhanced by raspy, full vocals articulated with Sunderland charm.

The song is inspired by leaving home to go to university. It speaks of boredom and wanting a change of scene. Apparently, it is a reincarnation of an older track which “wasn’t great”, but ‘Going Away’ is a phoenix and has risen from that tune’s ashes in a spectacular way. The song is fizzy and full of youth. It will get you back into gig-mode and help you prepare for the glorious day when live music can return to our lives.

For more from Plastic Glass check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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