The Vigilance Committee – Reflections III (2021)

The Vigilance Committee is looking to bring some basic humanity to the turbulence of social unrest and the global pandemic through their music. ‘Reflections III’ is a track full of heart exploring the feeling of seeing hard work and authenticity being hijacked. To this is added a grappling with ego and a reflection on the dark shadows we all have.

A track about the human experience, it builds from the ground up to look at the imperfect beauty that is life. This consideration of life comes from Peter J. Scoma, Phil Corso, Christian Cepeda and Adam Tomlinson. The band came together in 2009 and have steadily been releasing music that looks at events in the world and past.

‘Reflections III’ draws you in with a paced opening that is both propelling and grounding. The lower levels of the melody get your foot tapping while the upper guitar layers get your heart pumped. As the single progresses, the melody has a running feeling like you are careening headfirst into the turbulence of the world. The layered music captures the kaleidoscope of turbulence that makes up the world we live in while offering a slightly aggressive shove into a reflection on everything. The movement of the music is utterly captivating as your head moves with the rhythm and the pounding drums make you want to jump around.

The vocals have a retro feel to them as they lightly call out over the music. The harmonisations are beautifully executed and offer some connection with others. The vocals are interesting because they seem to be a stable point in the swirling of the music. As you grab onto them for some stability, they draw you into the emotional grappling of the lyrics. Later in the track, there is a change in the vocals to a deeper push that matches the music.

The official music video captures the turbulence of the music, but there is a warning for seizure triggers for photosensitive viewers. If you are able to watch the video, you are treated to an almost psychedelic punk visual full of colours and disjointed imagery. The abstract visuals of the video work so well with the crashing guitars and lifeline vocals. Through the video, you are drawn into the contemplations of the single.

The Vigilance Committee get your heart racing while contemplating the turbulence of reality and the dark shadows we all live with in ‘Reflections III’. This is an easy punk rock track that you could listen to on repeat as you get lost in the swirling emotions of the melody while resting against the solid column of vocals.

Find out more about The Vigilance Committee on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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