Plastic Glass – Let Me Know (2020)

Since forming in 2018, the indie-rock group Plastic Glass have been heading full steam ahead without any looking back. An energetic four-piece from Sunderland, Lewis Conlin (vocals), Dylan Abbott (lead guitar), Ben Richardson (bass) and Frazer Graham (drums) are quickly becoming one of the most talked-about indie rockers in Northern England. Beginning their music career writing songs in Conlin’s bedroom, the band now has a couple of EPs and singles in their portfolio. The latest single is ‘Let Me Know’.

Somewhere between The Snuts, Sea Girls and The Hunna, Plastic Glass is a powerful blast of 21st-century indie-rock. ‘Let Me Know’ is the musical representation of frustration in relationships, specifically people sending mixed signals increasing tension and anxiety between everyone. Tension is right – a person can remain in a heightened emotional state from the first chord to last beat of ‘Let Me Know’, but in the best way possible.

It’s difficult to decide which element of the track is my favourite. Is it the compelling guitar riffs throughout the track? Perhaps it’s the steady bass and drums? Could it be Conlin’s vigorous vocals punctuating the flow of indie-rock madness. I’m not sure, but what I do know is that these lads combine their musical skills finding a delicate balance between melody and lyrics.

Diverging from the punk rock ‘Come Clean’, ‘Let Me Know’ has a more indie-rock sound; however, Conlin’s vocals remain as dynamic as the accelerated rush of ‘Come Clean’. So, what is there to say about Plastic Glass’ latest single? ‘Let Me Know’ is a hard-hitting single that slaps you in the face and reverberates in your brain, but you’ll love every second!

You can engage with Plastic Glass on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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