Pokkisham – Borrowed Time (2021)

Embracing her love for storytelling, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pokkisham uses her soulful vocals, jazzy harmonies and intricate melodies to draw you into her world. Inspired by the likes of Carole King, Donny Hathaway, Elton John, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder, her music is a contemporary blend of soothing sounds. While Pokkisham has been involved in music for years, it is only in the past 12 months that she started releasing original material. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed repertoire is the single ‘Borrowed Time’.

Described by Quincy Jones (yes, THE Quincy Jones) as having “a real connection with you to the music”, Pokkisham’s sophomore single ‘Borrowed Time’ is something special. Recorded as part of her upcoming debut EP, she fuses her love for different musical styles wrapped up in a pretty melodic package. While Pokkisham is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano and keyboards, ‘Borrowed Time’ is a collaboration with musical professionals John Parricelli (guitar), Jason Reyes-Walsh (bass) and Marco Quarantotto (drums). Pokkisham also collaborated with heavyweight producer Haydn Bendall who “balances a sense of live, authentic performance with incredible production aesthetics”.

Alright, so the quick background of who did what on ‘Borrowed Time’ is through; now, let’s get to the meat of the song. Following her jazzy-pop single ‘Yes To This’, ‘Borrowed Time’ adopts a more contemporary pop design. Yet, while there is a strong commercial pop element to the track, the incorporation of classical piano alongside guitars and drums adds a sophisticated elegance. The almost Lewis Capaldi softness of the piano makes for a tender single but with a haunting edge in the wistful ambience.

Yes, the melodic harmonies and clever arrangement make the tune intoxicating from the first chord; however, the soulful vocals and poetic lyricism add a poignant sincerity. Intimate and intense, Pokkisham’s dulcet voice carries you adrift a glittering sonic lake while being wrapped in a gossamer blanket of seduction. As I mentioned, Pokkisham aims to connect with listeners as a storyteller so ‘Borrowed Time’ is an enchanting story of two lovers. She explains that the melody aligns with the story and the harmonic arrangements “told of how love has shown too many fault lines to be able to continue”. However, despite the despair ‘Borrowed Time’ has a sense of empowerment and hopefulness with “…a sense of moving forward beyond the pain”.

Wistful, optimistic, ethereal and intriguing, Pokkisham has captured my attention with ‘Borrowed Time’. She has already received praise from other critics, and I have to agree with Quincy that there is beauty to her music. I can’t wait for the EP!

  For more from Pokkisham check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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