Sasha Hromyk – R L G L (2021)

Sasha Hromyk brings a modern twist to the sound of RnB vocal greats with R L G L. The three-track EP not only blends retro and modern but takes a single track and translates it into two other languages. The lead single is packed with double meanings surrounding a core of not knowing where the future will lead.

The English lead track has been translated into Spanish and Russian for the rest of the EP bringing a new sense and feeling to the track. Hromyk was inspired to do this through his own love of listening to RnB in other languages. Combining RnB tones with his love of vocalisation, he crafts soulful tracks packed with meaningful depths.

The EP starts with the initial English version of ‘Red Light Green Light’ that asks the question of whether we are going forward or stalling. There is a soulful traditional RnB vibe to the music that meets a modern production style. This is a wonderful combination that bolsters the smooth flow of Hromyk’s vocals. Through the lyrics, you are pulled into the story of a relationship where you are unsure if you are going anywhere or constantly shifting gears to stay in one place. There is a decadent movement to the chorus that is silky smooth and rich as he questions where the relationship is going. While there seems to be a clear narrative to the track, there is an underlying sense that there is something deeper to consider.

The second track of the EP is the Spanish version ‘No Tengo Tiempo’ which translates into ‘I Don’t Have Time’. Taking some liberties with the original track, the translated version changes the way the single hits home. The underlying melody remains the same but there does seem to be a slightly more soulful edge to the track. Hromyk’s vocals are delicate as he sings in Spanish. The backing vocals enhance the richness of his performance which seems to be much silkier than the English version. The warmth of this track is wonderful as it settles on your skin and sways in your brain. While this track follows the English version, you don’t need to know the other to appreciate this one.

The last track is the Russian version of the lead track ‘Игра Или Bсерьёз’. As with the Spanish version, the underlying melody remains the same but there does seem to be a heavier feeling to the bass. The silken tones of his performance bring a velveteen vibe to the lyrics that soften the movement. The translation of this version of the song is ‘Game or Serious’ which brings the underlying questions about the relationship into sharp relief. In this version, there is a more pained feeling to the vocals at times that bring a serious emotional hit and questioning of where the relationship is going.

With his EP R L G L, Sasha Hromyk is trying something very interesting with three different language versions of the single track. Each version seems to emphasise something new from the duality of the messaging in the English version to the pain of not knowing where a relationship is going in the Russian version. You don’t need to listen to the English version first to fully understand the emotions of the other two.

Find out more about Sasha Hromyk on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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