Poploader – Teresa (2020)

Almost twenty years after their initial collaboration, Markus Mühlbauer, Rainer Marschel and Thomas Marschel came together to form Poploader. Influenced by acts like David Bowie, The Kinks and The Cure, their unique sound lies somewhere between indie-pop and post-punk (if you had to categorise it). Hailing from Germany, the three artists combine their personal music preferences and experience showcasing their innovativeness, diversity and originality. After releasing the critically acclaimed single ‘Summerboy Blues’ (see reviews in Wochenblatt and Musik Blog), the trio is gaining attention across the globe. The latest release from the band is the single ‘Teresa’.

The second single released by Poploader, ‘Teresa’ embraces the buoyancy of The Beatles and Depeche Mode with the intimacy and grittiness of Joy Division. A synth-laden track, ‘Teresa’ is a step out of the 1980s but with a contemporary indie-rock edge. It is a move from the Britpop meets the indie-rock style of ‘Summerboy Blues’; however, this only showcases the group’s genre-defying skills with twinges of eclecticism in the mix.

One of the more intriguing features of Poploader is the sharing of vocal duties along with individual songwriting. This shows me the versatility of the trio with each member sharing their personality in a song – as if the track is a representation of the individual member and the group as a cohesive whole. ‘Teresa’ has a traditionally vintage style, but the poignancy of the track is enhanced with bold, rich and endearing vocals. Not only that, but the German-inflexion on the witty lyricism seems to add a robust wistfulness to the track.

For more from Poploader check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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