Blanks – What You Do to Me (2021)

It is often hard to describe the magical feeling of falling in love. Fortunately, Blanks is here to help with his single ‘What You Do to Me’. Through the big synths and nostalgic vibes of the song, he has serotonin exploding through your brain and filling you with the high that comes with being in love.

With an unbridled exuberance, Blanks takes you by surprise while tossing your body into the river of good vibes he creates. The musical alias of Simon de Wit, Blanks taps into those warm memories of summers spent having fun and brings all the good vibes to the present. While hitting you with a wave of nostalgia, there is an indescribable bliss that comes with riding his musical flows.

‘What You Do to Me’ has a blast of 80s synths that is all nostalgia. You can imagine the colours of the 80s flitting across your eyelids as the synths pluck their vibrant way across your brain. When the chorus hits, you are thrown headfirst into a rush of good vibes. The pulse of the music has your spirit soaring on waves of euphoria and bliss. Throughout the melody, there is this solid thread of good vibes that make you smile and remember all the good times.

Blanks’ vocals bring a modern twist to the rush of nostalgia in the melody. His voice shines like a glitterball against the synths twinkling across your senses. At times, there is a slight echo on the vocals that adds an expansive feeling to them that enhances the rush of emotions they invoke. While his vocal performance has you diving into a sea of feel-good vibes, the lyrics sit you on the falling in love train. Through the lyrics, you get the feeling of falling in love with all the happiness and confusion that it can bring.

Blanks shoves you with a hit of nostalgia into a sea of good vibes in the retro tones of ‘What You Do to Me’. There is a dancing vibe to the music as it fills you with the joy and bliss of falling in love. The melody leans heavily on 80s synths while his vocals bring a modern twist enhancing the nostalgia of the track.

Find out more about Blanks on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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