PREMIERE: Lucy Burke – Please Stay (2021)

Known for her heartfelt and soulful songs, Australia-based singer-songwriter Lucy Burke can win you over with a single chord. Influenced by acts from The Beatles and Radiohead to Portishead and Lana Del Rey, Burke’s diverse sound. Featured on Vents Magazine, BMA Mag and several online radio stations/playlists, this songstress is reaching people on an international level. With three studio albums to her name, a love of songwriting and a passion for music, it is no wonder Burke has a loyal following.

Being a featured artist at the 2017 Australian Songwriters Awards and performing at The Sydney Football Stadium, one would assume the fame would go to her head, but not Lucy Burke. Humble and intimate, Burke’s dreamy vocals prompt a tender connection with the listener. Following her singles ‘Luckiest Girl’ and ‘Nighttime’ (read our review here), ‘Please Stay’ adopts a softer, more soothing folk meets pop design.

Acoustic-inspired, Burke combines her heartfelt vocals with the strumming of a guitar. Showing there is no need for too many bells and whistles, the simplistic elements enhance the poignancy of the song. Moreover, the steadiness and basic style prompt intimacy, intensity and warmth. In the style of Lana Del Rey with a twinge of Eva Cassidy, Burke brings a contemporary edge to light-hearted folk meets soul.

Transitioning from the upbeat ‘Luckiest Girl’ to this flowing melody showcases Burke’s innovativeness and versatility, but it is the melding of heartfelt tones and sombre lyricism that really makes the song. Touching on elements of “lost communication and a desire to reconnect”, Burke explores the fragility of human souls and the need for engagement. Burke’s bold, rich vocals effortlessly execute the personal narrative exposing her vulnerability. The hushed tone also contributes to innocent vulnerability while retaining a sense of reflective maturity.

For more from Lucy Burke check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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