Prince of Sweden – Garrison Lane (2022)

Described by Edgar Allan Poets as having “a voice capable of speaking directly to the soul”, Prince of Sweden effortlessly ensnares his listener’s senses. Already featured a couple of times on The Other Side Reviews, we are aware of his project PLUS we really love it! Yet, we are not the only ones to sing Prince of Sweden’s praises with coverage on Mystic Sons, Less Than 1000 Followers, Sinusoidal Music, Roadie Music, Lost In The Manor and more. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Garrison Lane’.

Following his EP Live from a Dark Room, Prince of Sweden adopts a bolder, richer and more well-rounded sound in ‘Garrison Lane’. Taking the intimacy of Leonard Cohen and the spine-chilling quality of Nick Cave, the UK-based musician carries audiences through a wistful mist of sound. While the song’s arrangement has a raw, rough, basic demo feel about it, there is a sophisticated elegance in its melody – like a carefully formed grittiness.

Dark and powerful, the pounding drums and dynamic guitars create a distorted heaviness in your soul. This breath-taking feeling is only enhanced by Prince of Sweden’s deep baritone reminiscent of Nick Cave. Beautifully layered, the vocals both meld into and stand above the melody making its darkness prominent. A careful insertion of piano underlies the other elements, so you have a brief breath only to be smothered by the sombre dullness of ‘Garrison Lane’.

I have always noted that there are “describe songs” and “feel songs” – one that can be described with words and the other only understood by listening to the song. Prince of Sweden’s ‘Garrison Lane’ is definitely one of the latter. As much as I attempt to define the track, its overwhelming sound is best experienced by playing the track repeatedly. Slithering in your ears and reverberating around your cranium, Prince of Sweden’s music is immersive and unforgettable.

For more from Prince of Sweden check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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