Prince of Sweden – If You Speak To Her, Tell Her Thanks For Me (2020)

Prince of Sweden is a singer-songwriter from south London. He learnt to play the guitar from a man with a farm opposite where he grew up in the country. His fourth single ‘If You Speak To Her, Tell Her Thanks For Me’ is now out.

The track is his most stripped-back to date and covers the musings after a breakup. The song highlights his indie-folk abilities. The accompanying music video is a simple visualisation of everything the song has to say.

‘If You Speak To Her, Tell Her Thanks For Me’ starts with a gentle acoustic guitar opening that sets the tone of the track. The deep vocals enter as a perfect transition from the guitar. The gently folk melody stays the same for the whole track giving it a breezy feel and making is a wonderful chilled song to listen to.

While the melody is gentle, the lyrics are a bit different to what you might be used to from a post-breakup song. Instead of angry musings or questions of what went wrong, this is a great look at how some relationships naturally come to an end and people move on. The vocal performance is a wonderful listening experience and makes you play the track again and again.

Prince of Sweden takes you through some gentle musings of a breakup in ‘If You Speak To Her, Tell Her Thanks For Me’. The song is a mellow but captivating experience that softly washes over your senses.

Find out more about Prince of Sweden on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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