Hyperfantasia – Love Manifesto (2020)

Hyperfantasia is the music project of Tym Fuego (Tim Rowe), a multi-instrumentalist who has been writing and composing music since he was a child. The project came to life in 2018 and his debut concept album was released earlier this year. ‘Love Manifesto’ is the final single from this album.

The track offers an escape route and is a revolution on a personal level. The song takes you back to a community-based mindset that incorporates economic stability as well as racial and gender equality.

It is not the opening notes of ‘Love Manifesto’ that hook you and keeps you listening. It is the first few lines that make you stop and think: What is going on? Most of the lyrics make you realise how bad the world has become and what is really happening but often overlooked.

The relatively simple melody of the track keeps you focused on the lyrics. There is a change in the tone of the song along with the vocal delivery that gives you some more hope for life. The song lays down a roadmap of how you can change your approach to the world and everyone you meet.

Hyperfantasia combines hard-hitting lyrics with an emotive delivery to make you reconsider the world and how you approach life in ‘Love Manifesto’. The melody is relatively simple, but it is the lyrics that really make the track. They make you consider everything in the world and how you can make a positive change.

Find out more about Hyperfantasia on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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