Promises Promises – About the Heart (2020)

When love goes wrong there is a feeling of desperation that comes with this. Promises Promises take you on a journey through this in ‘About the Heart’. While steeped in melancholy, this nostalgic track offers a glimmer of hope that leaves a smile on your face. Using lyrics and vibes that everyone can relate to, they create an emotional experience.

This powerful journey comes from Greg McLellan (vocals, guitar), Fraser Graham (guitar, vocals), Gordon McCall (drums) and Paul Kempsell (bass). Drawing on a variety of influences, they pool the skills they have honed playing with various bands. They are now leaving listeners with a happy yet nostalgic smile on their faces.

‘About the Heart’ hits the ground running with a full-on opening full of catchy drums and guitars. There is a very nostalgia vibe to the melody that instantly puts a smile on your face. As you are swept into the soundscape, you want to move to the beats. The rise and fall of the melody works perfectly with the lyrics as you are taken through memories of good times. The melody has a soaring feeling on the chorus that enhances the good nostalgic vibes. There are these horns that come in which are a pleasure to listen to and just add a little something extra to the track.

While the melody pumps you full of nostalgia and good vibes, the vocals and lyrics bring the melancholy. McLellan’s vocals have a wonderful Americana vibe to them as he infuses a sense of desperation into the lyrics. This is particularly clear on the chorus as he worried about the future and how his heart will cope. The lyrics swing from happy memories to sadness and worry about the future.

Promises Promises puts a nostalgic smile on your face as they pump you full of memories, love and desperation in ‘About the Heart’. The single uses an upbeat melody that throws you into the pool of nostalgia while filling you with good vibes. The vocals are steeping in melancholy as they work through memories and worries about the future.

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