In Peril – Bad Dreams and Battering Rams (2020)

There are a lot of big issues right now, but one that still needs to be talked about and addressed is mental health. This is what In Peril are doing with their debut single ‘Bad Dreams and Battering Rams’. Using bad dreams as a metaphor, the band hopes to show people that while these dreams can get worse, they will also eventually get better.

This look at mental health comes from Hayden (vocals, rhythm guitar), Matt (lead guitar), James (bass) and Gary (drums). Coming together around 18 months ago and spending the last few months hard at work, the band is ready to unleash their music on the world.

‘Bad Dreams and Battering Rams’ draws you in with a steady guitar opening. This flows into a sombre melody that forms a foundation for the messaging of the track. The deep drums add to the depth of the melody as it forms the dark side of mental health issues. There is a somewhat nightmarish sound to the melody where you never know what might be creeping out from the darkness. This creates the perfect atmosphere for what the band wants to achieve while enveloping you in their sound.

Hayden’s vocals start out as spoken word which is an interesting choice yet seems to work perfectly with the depths of the melody. This turns into a melodic line on the chorus which matches the music filling you with a sense of dark dreams without an end. The melody does turn for a more powerful and soaring line later in the track which offers the glimmer of hope that things could get better.

In Peril takes on mental health with their debut single ‘Bad Dream and Battering Rams’ while enveloping you in their sound. The melody has a creeping darkness that gives way to a driving glimmer of hope. The spoken word vocals and melodic chorus are a wonderful sonic representation of emotions and thoughts.

Find out more about In Peril on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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