Quantum – RISE (2021)

Quantum is thrusting willpower and encouragement into our veins through the metalcore sounds of ‘RISE’. A single about new beginnings, it encourages us to make the changes we want to in our situation. While touching on personal circumstances, the single also turns its attention outward and encourages us to work for a sustainable, diverse and inclusive society.

A band that is all about emotions, they infuse raw and endless energy into every song. With a genre-defying sound, they create unforgettable listening experiences that bring a heavy dose of innovation to the ears of listeners. While they have already achieved success at the SPH Music Masters playing third out of 100 participants, they are not sitting back and relaxing as they unleash more of their sound on the world.

‘RISE’ draws you in with a moving piano line that builds feelings in your chest. This touching piano line gives way to the thrashing of metal drums and the pulsing of heavy drums. There is a really engaging feeling to the melody that has your head bopping to it without any thought. The guitars sear through you and make you want to go a little crazy to them. It is a rather intense melody that drops for a smoother and lighter melodic flow. The wonderful arrangement of the music thrust the messaging of the track home and really keeps you engaged.

The spoken word vocal opening gains power with the piano line and fills you with the urge to be the change you want to see. This powerful speech is contrasted by the metalcore vocals of the band that hit you upside the head. There is a touch of metal screaming to the vocals that flows into melodic movements that send your brain flying. The vocals have a serious empowering edge to them as they scratch their way into your mind. The heavy hit of the vocals is as powerful as the thrashing guitars. When the melody dips, the vocals match with a soothing flow that is almost angelic.

Quantum has you thrashing to the sound as they fill you with empowerment and the urge to change the world in ‘RISE’. The melodic arrangement is amazing with swings of metalcore and angelic pianos. The vocals scratch their message into your soul before soothing the ache with ethereal choirs.

Find out more about Quantum on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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