Quarter Water – What’s the Word (2020)

There are times when you are left speechless at the culmination of a cherished moment. These moments have been compressed into ‘What’s the Word’ by Quarter Water. The medley of different styles held together with eccentric lyricism creates a raw soundscape full of harmonious flavours. If you are looking for a single that washes over you as you sit back and relax, this is the one you need.

The groovy fusion soundscape is fast becoming the signature of the band. The feel-good vibes that infuse their music come from GooGie (vocals), Leland Baker (saxophone), Bennett Eifeman (drums), Kaley Puckett (keyboard) and Gabe Leader-Rose (bass). With textural grooves and some improvisational vocals, they mix jazz, funk and hip-hop together for a sound you are unlikely to forget.

‘What’s the Word’ opens with some funky grooves which lead into the smooth vocals. GooGie blasts into the scene with a rapid finesse that grabs you and pulls you into the single. This transitions wonderfully into a soulful slide with hints of scat jazz threaded in. The flow of his performance from rapid-fire rap to smooth melodic jazzy goodness is a masterclass in vocals. His performance is also an amazing contrast to the melody, yet it also fuses with it. The fusion is so seamless that you can’t think of it being any other way.

While GooGie is enthralling you with his vocals, the melody hits the back of your brain with some funky jazz tones. The keyboard lines weave between the vocals while the drums shuffle across your shoulders. The saxophone comes in so smoothly that you just want to close your eyes and let it wash over you. The music is a complete medley of instrumentation that dances around the vocals for a harmonious swirl around your head.

Quarter Water hits you with funky grooves, jazzy melodies and rapid-fire vocals for the silky harmonies of ‘What’s the Word’. GooGie’s vocals are a masterclass in control and technique as he effortlessly shifts from rapid rap to smooth melodics that slink across your senses. The melody weaves the instrumental lines together before they dance with the vocals for an unforgettable experience.

Find out more about Quarter Water on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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