Ryan Love – Look What You’ve Done (2020)

Being madly in love with someone can really change your life. Ryan Love considers this in his feel-good single ‘Look What You’ve Done’. Using a mixture of RnB and dance, he has you soaring on a wave of upbeat positivity. To this, he adds an edge of escapism from the negativity of the world.

The single continues the blending of genres that we heard in ‘Dance Till the End’ with Paytra. The underlying RnB flair of his music wraps around the beats that make you want to move. If you need music that fills you with good vibes while speaking of the changes love has on your life, this is the single for you.

‘Look What You’ve Done’ brings the dance beats to pounding life from the first second. The beats thump through you and continue to jitter below the vocals on the verses. They really come into their upbeat own on the chorus and start to fill you with good vibes. However, instead of a lively summer banger, there is an RnB tinge to the dance beats. This makes you want to move while complimenting the vocals and offering an easy slide for you to groove to.

The RnB tinge to the track is enhanced by Love’s vocals. On the verses, his voice has a slight pop flow to it, but the underlying tone is all RnB. His smooth and flowing timbre makes the single so easy to listen to while putting a smile on your face. As he works through the positive feelings of being in love, he pumps the good vibes into your veins. You can’t help but feel upbeat and happy after listening to this track.

Ryan Love pumps good vibes into your veins while enthusing about the positives of being madly in love with the dancing ‘Look What You’ve Done’. The single is a perfect combination of dance and RnB that gets you moving and sliding to the music. Love’s vocals are a delightfully smooth layer that has you smiling and feeling happy.

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