Racayan – What I Need (2021)

Poetry and music are two things that often combine for the best listening experience. Racayan has taken a poem he wrote and turned it into ‘What I Need’ featuring Courtney Bennett. Through the poetic lyrics, the single considers not being able to understand a love that is freely given but knowing that it is needed.

This rather heavy topic has been made more accessible by the chill and contemporary RnB vibes of the music. Racayan started making beats when he was 12 and continues to draw on the music he was exposed to in his youth. He started working with the group Blackalicious and honed his production skills which he uses to great success on this track.

‘What I Need’ has you sinking into sultry chill vibes through the soft opening. The contemporary RnB beats slide in against the gentle hums of the chilled tones. There is a really great movement to the melody that has you swaying to the rhythm. The music brings a swirling feeling to your brain as you imagine a whirlwind of colours. There is something about the melody that pulls you deeper into the song. While the melody is solid, it is the way it interacts with the vocals that really makes the single.

Bennett’s vocals are smooth and sultry as she fills you with the love and affection of the lyrics. This is tempered by a questioning of the love you are presented with. While the lyrics were a poem, Racayan has transformed them into an addictive RnB single. As Bennet’s vocals fill you with a lack of understanding of the love you are getting, there are seductive layers of harmonisations. This adds a rich texture to the single that slides through your senses.

Rayacan tackles a heavy topic with the help of Courtney Bennett in ‘What I Need’. The sultry RnB flow is tempered by a chilled vibe in the lower levels. Bennett’s vocals are smooth as they question love and try to understand why affection is being given.

Find out more about Rayacan on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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