Peter Gural – Stay Out Of My Dreams (2021)

Merging the sounds of John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Coldplay, US-based Peter Gural layers engaging lyrics over emotive melodies. Possibly described as a folk-pop act, Gural has an intensity in his music that sends shivers down your spine. Relatively new, or at least according to Spotify, this natural talent is a bright, shiny package of contemporary pop. Featured on Indie Dock Music Blog, iHeart Radio and several other online radios/playlists, Gural is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Stay Out Of My Dreams’.

Following his single ‘Moving On’, ‘Stay Out Of My Dreams’ adopts a toe-tapping, shoulder-swaying folk-pop approach. Unlike ‘Moving On’ with its interspersed synths, the new single has a simplistic acoustic-inspired sound. Driven by an acoustic guitar alongside steady drums, ‘Stay Out Of My Dreams’ has a smooth flowing style with a hazy ambience. It is as if you are tossed into a calm river of music, but the lyricism seems to suggest otherwise.

Highly reminiscent of John Mayer, ‘Stay Out Of My Dreams’ is soft and calming but with a lyrical melancholy. Touching on the conceptual theme of memories, dreams and their effect on our psyche, Gural looks at human fragility. Penned specifically as dreams where his ex would appear, Gural discovered the power of dreams and memories. Gural noted that “memories that were once suppressed were now at the forefront of my mind. It brought me back to a hard time in my life…I began thinking about how a lot of my perceptions about life were affected by this person.”

Showcasing his innovativeness, Peter Gural intertwines thematic content in an anthemic nature. Delicately, Gural uses his rich vocals to add warmth and enhance the pain of his thoughtful music. I cannot wait for more of his emotional music! Definitely one to watch!

For more from Peter Gural check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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