Rachel Bard – Brooklyn (2022)

Compared to the likes of Regina Spektor, Bjork and Nico, singer-songwriter Rachel Bard brings a unique slant to contemporary pop. Adding tinges of indie-rock, folk and soul, this female vocalist has an innovative and eclectic style. With only two singles to her name (at least on Spotify), Bard can be viewed as a small fish in a large ocean. Yet, she is already turning heads with features on Daily Advent, NYS Music, Iggy Magazine and iHeart Radio. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Brooklyn’.

Following her debut track ‘Airport’ (released in 2021), ‘Brooklyn’ adopts a soft, soothing and flowing sound. Not as stripped back as ‘Airport’, her sophomore single fuses guitars, drums and piano in a distinctive way. While each instrument has a strong presence, it is the piano that seems to direct the poignancy of ‘Brooklyn’. Tipping you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound, Bard creates a hazy but comfortable ambience with the new track.

While the melody is enchanting, I find Rachel Bard’s unique vocals really send shivers down my spine. Similar to Bjork but with an Amanda Palmer eclecticism, her dulcet tones ooze intimacy and vulnerability. This is apt as the message behind ‘Brooklyn’ is personal having been written for two of Bard’s close friends who chose to leave Brooklyn. Bard shares that ‘Brooklyn’ is “…a love song to music, friendships and New York City. To me, it is a racehorse of a song.”

Recorded with producers Amy Morrissey and Brian McTear in Philadelphia, ‘Brooklyn’ slides along the cinematic soundscape with a simplistic style. Inspired by John Lennon, Beck, Neil Young and The Pixies, there is an obscurity in its arrangement and overall execution. Slipping in through your ears, bouncing about your brain and sending chills down your spine, ‘Brooklyn’ captivates you entirely without you even knowing it. No big bangs, fancy whistles or loud noise, just a simple tender ballad. I can’t wait for more from this talented individual.

In addition to the track, Bard released an official music video for ‘Brooklyn’. You can view the video below or on her YouTube channel.

For more from Rachel Bard check out her Instagram and Spotify.

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