La Sante – Something Is Happening (2022)

With the sparkling synth tones of ‘Stick Around’, La Sante brought a moment of post-adolescence to life with a touch of wistful emotion. With ‘Something is Happening’, he offers an introspective look at moments of sudden change. Bringing some jazzy chords to psychedelic guitars, he leads listeners to a sober chorus that really considers these moments in life.

Through the cocktail of sound in this single, he drops us into the moment you realise the importance of a moment and the changes that are waiting around the corner. The third release from La Sante, the track shows that he is a master of picking different melodic elements and combining them into music that transports you to specific moments. The single also gets you excited to hear what else he has in store and what his anticipated debut album will offer.

‘Something is Happening’ sweeps you into the jazzy, yet psychedelic, movement of the guitar, from the first moment. There is a wavy feeling to the music as it reaches out toward the horizon and takes you on its searching journey. The thumping drum and bass get your feet tapping to their rhythm, while the hazy guitar tones continue their meandering path overhead. There is a touch of nostalgia woven into the music as it casts your mind back in time to a moment of sudden change. The slightly dreamy movement of the music closes in for the chorus, as the music stops reaching out and pushes close to your skin.

While you are riding the psychedelic waves of the music, the vocals wisp through the air like pale coloured mist. The dreaminess of the melody is enhanced by the delivery of the vocals that are cotton soft against your skin. In the lead-up to the chorus, there is a sigh to the performance that softens the sobering feeling of the chorus. This sobering brings the stark realisation that things are going to change from this moment. This emotion leads you to the question of what to do next that warbles into the colours of the melody. All the emotions and feelings of the track come together for a heady experience of life-changing realisations.

La Sante sweeps you into the melody of ‘Something is Happening’ before the vocals bring a moment of life-changing realisation. From the first moment, the melody has a hazy psychedelic feeling to the instrumentation that leads to the closing in of the chorus. The vocals wisp and sigh through the single, before bringing the realisation of the major changes in life to our ears.

Find out more about La Sante on his Instagram and Spotify.

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