Rag Doll – Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go) (2021)

When Rag Doll came back after a 25-year hiatus with ‘Rise’, we were instantly hooked to their catchy swell of instrumentation and impressive falsettos. They are now filling our ears with their sounds of ‘Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go)’. Through the single, the band fills you with the possibilities that come when you follow your heart and allows yourself to let go of everything holding you back.

An uplifting and empowering track, they bring their 80s rock style to a modern edge. A follow-up to ‘Rise’, the single offers a taster of their upcoming EP. After reconnecting during the pandemic, David Cox (vocals, keyboard), Paul Hird (vocals, bass), Dec Burke (guitar, backing vocals) and Wayne Cox (drums, backing vocals) show no sign of stopping.

The keyboard line that opens ‘Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go)’ easily draws you into the soundscape before the drums and bass thrum through you. There is a retro feeling to the melody that stays true to the band’s sound but this is woven around a modern sense. Each instrument adds something to the soundscape that gets you swaying and bopping to the rhythm. There is a cohesive feeling to the melody that is wonderful to hear as it picks you up and lifts you from the mire of modern life. The energy of the music is bright and helps you shrug off the chains that hold you down and stop you from chasing your dreams.

While the music draws you in, the harmonised vocal opening starts the ball rolling with a classic rock flow. The harmonised vocals lead you to David Cox’s performance that gives you the hope and strength you need to let go and chase your dreams. Through his performance, he turns your attention to the light and happiness that comes from following your heart. While the lyrics have a touch of a love song in them, there is something much bigger woven into them that frees and helps you soar on the wings of your dreams. Combined with the melody, his performance is like a cool breeze on a hot day that soothes your skin and puts an easy smile on your face.

Rag Doll fill you with good vibes and empowering energy as they help you shrug off the chains that hold you down with ‘Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go)’. The melody soars through you with a tinge of retro vibes woven into the cohesion of the soundscape. The harmonised vocals are a wonderful opening that leads you to the main vocal line and the freeing energy David Cox provides.

Find out more about Rag Doll on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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