RavenRain – Looking Up (2021)

With her single ‘Looking Up’, RavenRain is continuing the conversation about mental health she started in ‘Hiding in the Dark’. While tackling the same topic, the new single uses a slightly different approach. A rather candid conversation is woven into the single as she talks about her own struggles and the drive to achieve your dreams despite the obstacles you have to overcome.

As with the last release, RavenRain continues her experimentation with sound through the merging and blending of musical genres and styles. With a few more K-pop vibes in this track, she throws them together with 80s elements and some EDM bounces. All of this comes together for an engaging single that continues the very important conversation she has with listeners.

‘Looking Up’ has you foot tapping from the first moment with the shuffling beats. While you are bouncing to these beats, there is a wash of higher tones that glitter and twinkle across the skies. There is a really great disco vibe to the music that makes you want to dance around and just have a great time. You are going to feel really light and happy while you listen because the melody is just too bright to do anything else. You do get a heavier hit of upbeat K-pop vibes while the electronic twinkles race across your senses like delighted giggles.

As you dance and laugh to the melody, the vocals are packed with motivation and good vibes. The verses do have a call out against those who would pull you down but their tendrils are shrugged off on the chorus. The chorus breaks the chains of mental health problems and has you riding bright pulses of strength and happiness. There is no way that you can listen to this single and not feel powerful. A single listen to the chorus alone is enough to make you want to grasp your dreams and feel that you have the power to do so.

RavenRain has you riding bright pulses of light, strength and good vibes through the dancing tones of ‘Looking Up’. There is no way to listen to this single and not feel better about everything. While continuing a conversation about mental health, it fills you with the strength to move on and grab your dreams.

Find out more about RavenRain on her Instagram and Spotify.

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