ear candy – over you (2022)

The brainchild of singer-songwriter and producer Jamie Jordan, ear candy finds the line between Wallows, Panic! At The Disco and Dayglow. Pumped full of dream-pop with indie-pop sentimentalities, Jordan is a brand-new minnow in the music industry; however, his new status doesn’t mean he isn’t making waves. Featured on Lost In The Manor and Wolf In A Suit, the UK-based artist is creeping into the blogosphere with his upbeat sound. Join us as we delve into ear candy’s debut track ‘over you’.

A toe-tapping and head-bopping single, listening to ear candy’s ‘over you’ is like getting lost in a massive pink swirl of candyfloss. Remember those huge cones of sugary goodness that stick in your mouth and send you on a sugar overload? Well, this is the sonic version of that sugary delight. The combination of pounding drums, super synths and dynamic guitars lean toward a contemporary pop style with smooth, flowing vibes. Yet, Jordan seems to make the tune completely unique with the textured arrangement adding an energetic edge to ‘over you’.

Bright and bubbly, ‘over you’ is an infectious smile-inducing track; however, it does have a deeper, more poignant element. Touching on young love and the joy of being together, ‘over you’ appears to bring the best out of relationships. The thing is, ‘over you’ is actually inspired by the melancholic perspective of being led on and having to deal with rejection. When speaking about the track, Jordan mentions that “I wrote ‘over you’ when I was at a point where I kept falling for girls that I knew were no good for me. Even though all the signs were there telling me that they were just gonna lead me on, I still let myself fall. As soon as I showed too much interest, they’d leave me hanging and it would be me having to get over someone I never really had again.”

A tribute to being young and making mistakes, ‘over you’ is an anthemic song that could easily be placed on a soundtrack to one of those coming-of-age films. Personally, I love the single and cannot wait to hear more from this rising star.

For more from ear candy check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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