Raymond Revel – Curious Man (2020)

Raymond Revel is no stranger to music having taught himself to play the piano by ear when he was 5 years old. By the time he was 11, he was already writing full songs. His history in music continued as he performed as a lead singer in a band and as a background singer for Demi Lovato and Pharrell.

While Revel’s experience is impressive, his unique sound and approach to music make him stand out. His joyous and authentic sound is easily relatable and his storytelling weaves a tale that keeps you hooked. His latest track ‘Curious Man’ keeps with what we know about Revel and is a feast for the ears.

The piano opening of ‘Curious Man’ sets the tone for the track. The smooth introduction of Revel’s vocals captures your attention and draws you into the story of a hardworking man. The stripped back and simple melody carries you through the comparison of different people.

While the melody soothes you through the track, the lyrics make you slow down to take the time to listen. Through the words of the song, you can clearly picture the painting Revel creates. You can see the hardworking man, the curious man, the talented man and the confident man in your mind. The link with people you see every day makes ‘Curious Man’ easy to relate to.

Raymond Revel combines raw and authentic sound with relatable lyrics and his unique clear voice. ‘Curious Man’ uses simple melodies and lyrics to paint a picture of how this type of person has an advantage over others. It is a thoughtful and engaging song that I have already added to my favourites.

Find out more about Raymond Revel on his website, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and Instagram.

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