Realma – A Hint Of Pink (2021)

Tragic situations can lead to beautiful conclusions and one of these results in the dream-pop artist Realma. After feeling a loss of self-identity, the Serbia-based polymodal musician formed an intimate alter-ego attempting to redefine herself (or rather reclaim her self-identity). Using elements of dream-pop infused with soulful vocals, the talented singer-songwriter burst onto the music scene with true flair. Here we have her debut single ‘A Hint Of Pink’.

A synth-laden track with tinges of piano throughout, ‘A Hint Of Pink’ is a surreal soundscape for lost souls. While the melody is moving and can leave you covered in goosebumps, it is the haunting vocals that truly make the song. Reminiscent of Gloria Estefan and Jennifer Lopez, but with the hazy ambience of Enya, Realma’s tragic vocals enhance the otherworldliness of the melody with a hushed ethereal quality.

Beautiful in its simplicity, ‘A Hint Of Pink’ showcases the overwhelming effect of slower, steadier and basic instrumentation interwoven with a soul-stirring voice. Yet, while there is an intense melancholy within the personal narrative, the elegant execution prompts a lingering sense of optimism and hope.

Side note: Realma has released an official music video for ‘A Hint Of Pink’ which can be viewed here.

For more form Realma check out her Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

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