Dot Dash – Proto Retro (2018)

cover of dot dash album proto retro
Image courtesy of Dot Dash

Dot Dash is an indie band from the United States of America, made up of ex-band members from Julie Ocean, The Saturday People, St. Christopher and Swervedriver, among others.  The conglomeration definitely seems to have worked well, and they have gelled brilliantly producing six albums, thus far.  From The Beautiful Music Canadian indie label comes Dot Dash’s sixth album, Proto Retro, an eclectic collection of indie pop music.  This album is incredibly chilled out, and a great listen, it’s something I would put on at an afternoon event or in a barbecue area.

I love how the songs all flow into each other without any jerky switch between genre or tempo.  The songs are easy to listen to and work really well together; I love the use of the electric guitar and how it gives the songs a great sound. The lyrics are fantastic and relatable, the music flows together brilliantly, and altogether the rhythm is great to listen and dance to.

The songs all flow well into each other resulting in a great sounding album.  It has a pop-rock/punk feel to it that I think everyone could happily listen to.  Each song has a similar feel and genre which is great, and I think each album should reflect one theme rather than trying to sample too many genres at once.

My favourite songs on this album are ‘Fast Parade’ and ‘Under The Weather’ as they seem to highlight the band in the best way.  Having listened to Dot Dash’s other albums, I find Proto Retro to be more mellow and pop-oriented.  I must admit, however, that my favourite of all the band’s songs are from Dot Dash’s third album, Half-Remembered Dream,  as it has a dream-like quality where I can unfocus from the world and my surroundings.

All their albums have a great sound to them which help you unwind and forget about everything around you.  It’s a great sound and rhythm which Proto Retro has taken entirely.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to listen to a chilled out sound.  It’s relaxing and a great way to unwind after a long day.  Dot Dash’s latest album can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

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