Rearview ft JT Tollas – I’ll Be Ok (2021)

For his debut release, collaborative artist Rearview is teaming up with JT Tollas of Famous Last Words for ‘I’ll Be Ok’. A melancholic yet tentatively hopeful single, it uses acoustic tones to blend emo rock and indie pop for a powerfully emotive movement. Taking the best elements of both artists, they combine for a song that pushes genre boundaries, while tugging at your emotions.

While this is his first solo release, Rearview is known for his creative collaborations with various artists across the music industry. With genre-defying sounds, he pushes the boundaries to create sounds that are pure expression. Bringing an artistic flair to his music, he draws you into the core of what he is trying to say.

JT Tollas’ vocals open ‘I’ll Be Ok’ and instantly draw you into the story of the lyrics. There is a melancholic touch to his performance from the first moment. He tugs at your emotions as he lays out the sad lyrics that have a deep feeling of authenticity and something purely human. The chorus continues the touch of melancholy, but there is a glimmer of tentative hope. As the single progresses, he sprinkles a dream of escape and the yearning for escapism into the melancholy, before finding some comfort in the knowledge that someone cares for him. It is a really touching performance that is made more powerful by the harmonised backing on the chorus.

While Tollas’ emo rock vocals tug hard at your emotions, the melody resting beneath his performance bolsters the emotional power of the track. There is a slightly stripped-back feeling to the melody as the strummed guitar meets light piano notes. The combination of moving strummed guitars and delicate raindrop piano notes is beautiful, and adds an incredible amount of power to the emotions of the track. Together, the vocals and melody have emotions welling in your chest, while making you want to reach out to your own loved ones. As a debut single, it is powerful, and has you excited for the emotional rollercoasters he has waiting for us.

Rearview and JT Tollas team up for ‘I’ll Be Ok’ which brings a touch of melancholy to tentative hope, that really plays with your emotions. Tollas’ vocal performance is tender and emotive as he draws you into the authentic story of the lyrics. The melody resting below is somewhat stripped-back, but enhances the emotions in its layered approach.

Find out more about Rearview on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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