Cam Coda – Bitter in the End (2021)

When relationships come to an end, the people sometimes stay friends but can also end up at each other’s throats. This is something that Cam Coda thought about on and off during a relationship resulting in her single ‘Bitter in the End’. Through the track, she considers the eventual breakup and whether she and her boyfriend would stay friends or turn into bitter strangers.

While happy in the relationship, this single offered a way to unleash the thoughts and feelings of how everything could end. Bringing a touch of drama to her music, she adds sweeping tones to her pop sound. Having spent the last year honing her skills, she showcases her musical prowess with polished tracks that tap into thoughts most of us have had at some point.

‘Bitter in the End’ slowly grabs your attention with a building melody. There is a wonderful depth to the music that comes through from the first moment. The deep lower levels vibrate through your chest while the higher levels lightly tap against your ears. There is a contrast felt in the music with the depths pulling on insecurities while the higher tones bring a sense of hope. This works perfectly with the sentiment of the lyrics and the questions of the track. It is a really moving melody that pushes through your body and vibrates in your veins.

Coda’s vocals have a really groovy vibe to them that is masterfully woven into solid pop sensibilities. The high notes that lead you into the chorus have a pained feeling to them as they call for something that may or may not happen. Through the lyrics, she fills you with her musings of what could happen when a relationship comes to an end. This is wonderful as it touches on a lot of uncertainty and insecurity that people face even when they are happy in their relationship. The questions woven into the track make you wonder if the bitter ends to relationships have to happen or if this can be subverted. This is woven between thoughts of whether staying together forever is also a possibility.

Cam Coda wonders about the potential end to a relationship and the feelings this will bring in ‘Bitter in the End’. The melody has a wonderful depth of sound that brings the dark and light emotions of the track to life. Her vocals are a perfect groove that you rises with questions and are packed with emotion.

Find out more about Cam Coda on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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