Rebecca McCartney – Just Air (2021)

Music has always been in Rebecca McCartney’s world being raised among musicians and embracing various genres from a young age. Immersed in the classical music world, one would assume the US-based singer-songwriter would follow the more “traditional” style; however, her love for different sounds resulted in something far less pigeon-holed. McCartney released an indie-folk record in 2020 as part of the duo Garden Party, but now she’s back with some jazz and R&B up her sleeve. We have the privilege of reviewing her single ‘Just Air’.

Following the jazz-driven track ‘Behind Closed Doors’, McCartney highlights her rich vocals with the smooth, soothing ‘Just Air’. I would say McCartney has a sense of Sade about her incorporating soft vocals with jazz-influenced instrumentation. A combination of steady guitars and slinky piano definitely adds a hazy ambience, but, oddly enough, there is a palpable passion within the whimsical tone. Moreover, McCartney’s simplistic voice finds the line between husky and bold showcasing her innovativeness and obscurity.

Featured in Volatile Weekly, Guitar Girl Mag, Divine Magazine and Celeb Secrets, McCartney is reaching audiences on an international scale. As I mention, her melodies are intoxicating but she shows greater depth in her lyrical content. McCartney shares that ‘Just Air’ is “…about a relationship that was softly suffocating. It was the feeling of, I love this person but being with them takes up more of myself than I’m able to give” – a feeling many people in toxic relationships can appreciate.

Yes, the track seems to have a prominent message, but McCartney showcases her ability to touch on topical issues in a conceptual way. Using a personal narrative, ‘Just Air’ has a strong connection with listeners drawing out powerful emotions in a provocative way. McCartney explains that “like most of my songs, it [‘Just Air’] started with me processing my emotions on my guitar and my voice, then it turned into a more ambient soundscape that was evocative of the mellow sorrow of the song.”

Overall, I enjoyed the track. McCartney can ensnare your senses with all of her music, but ‘Just Air’ seems to be more breath-taking. I cannot wait for her upcoming EP How You Feel, due for release in late-2021.

For more from Rebecca McCartney check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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