Odaiba ft Anna Majidson – Help (2021)

Odaiba continues to fuse sounds and musical styles with his single ‘Help’. This groovy production brings funk to electronic pop with a splash of disco added for good measure. Teaming up with Anna Majidson, they create a stellar single that is sure to have you grooving to their rhythm and having a blast while doing it.

Over the years, Odaiba has reinvented himself in a musical sense by plucking the best elements of different genres and crafting them into engaging tracks. Immersing listeners in everything from rock to soul and funk, he brings his love of music to our ears while triggering our own enjoyment of the vastness of the musical world. Through his work with collaborators, he adds another dimension to his sound that is sure to get every listener hooked.

‘Help’ hits you with a funky vibe from the first note that gets you swaying to the music. The deep twang of funk sinks into our veins and you can’t help but feel your body start to move around. It is a really engaging melody that you can’t deny as it propels the vocals down the soundscape. Each instrument is clear in the melody but they also come together to create the funkiest and grooviest flow imaginable. The warble of higher level tones adds an interesting edge to the funk of the lower levels.

While you are moving and grooving to the music, Majidson’s vocals spin around your head like glittering lights. Her performance picks up the funkiness of the melody and turns it up to 11. The chorus is catchy and you might just find yourself singing along. The lyrics are packed with an irresistible draw to another person tempered by the urge to stay away. It is an interesting push and pull that is made even better by the engaging soundscape.

Odaiba and Anna Majidson have you grooving to their rhythm as you fall into the push and pull of emotions in ‘Help’. From the first second, the melody catches you in its funky flow and does not let you go for a moment. The vocals turn up the funky energy while getting you singing on the chorus.

Find out more about Odaiba on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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