Rebecca Raw – Feet Firmer (2021)

Bringing her warm, rich, insightful and moving melodies to our ears, Rebecca Raw is the Eva Cassidy of the 21st Century. Growing up in a musical household, Raw was constantly exploring new types of music with enthusiasm. At a young age, she began learning the cello and clarinet prompting a leaning toward classical instrumentation in later years. It was in her twenties that she began writing songs as a means of self-expression taking everyone along for the ride.

While Raw was immersed in music from her childhood it was only in the past few years that she started releasing original music. Gaining coverage from Music of the Future, Celeb Mix, After Dark and several radio stations/playlists, Rebecca Raw is reaching people on an international level. The latest from this London-based singer-songwriter is her EP Feet Firmer.

A follow-up to her debut EP Deep Within, Feet Firmer is a deeper, more innovative six-track record. Evolving from her pop-inspired style in Deep Within, the new single incorporates a jazzier style adding a sassiness to Raw’s sound. Yes, there remains an intimacy to the sound as is seen in her previous work, but Feet Firmer seems more mature and confident.

Beginning with the bold and invigorating ‘Unshakeable’, Raw grabs your wrist and pulls you into a heavy-hitting journey of self-discovery. While the opening track is rough, there is a melodic flowing into an intimate ballad with ‘Mercy’ showcasing Raw’s versatility. ‘Poison’ and ‘Fire Burns Wild’ nod toward contemporary pop-inspired sounds but retain the intense intimacy of Raw’s original sound. Finally, we head through a harmonic acapella track that sends shivers down your spine.

“With this record, I wasn’t interested in shying away from expressing discomfort – I wanted to acknowledge, convey and even honour it; but I also wanted it to coexist with equally authentic expressions of hope which I believe prevails in every moment of darkness.” – Rebecca Raw on Feet Firmer

The record is a moving one from the dynamic opening to the haunting close, but it is the sonic representation that I find most intriguing. It is a representation of Rebecca Raw’s personality. In Feet Firmer she touches on experiences of pain, discomfort, confusion and inner turmoil; however, there is a lingering sense of hopefulness, empowerment and optimism. It is difficult to choose a favourite track but I have to say ‘Imaginings’ is one of the more heartfelt songs…then, of course, there’s the instrumental version of ‘Unshakeable’ that oozes passion with her strings.

For more from Rebecca Raw check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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