Sally Rushbrook & The Soothsayers – Haunts (2020)

The world is constantly changing but there are people who often feel bereft by the movement of the world. Sally Rushbrook & The Soothsayers capture this feeling of loss and turn it into the engaging single ‘Haunts’. Using the perspective of an old soul drifting through the modern world, they paint the picture of the ever-shifting landscape we find ourselves in.

Through the jazzy blues tones of the track, the band considers whether it is really the world changing or us who have changed. For the last few years, Rushbrook (vocals), Mark Young (piano) and Adam Williams (drums) have been refining their style into something that has an old-school edge against modern thoughts. Influenced by gipsy jazz, folk and barroom blues, the band nods to these tones before distilling them into something unique.

‘Haunts’ draws on all the band’s influences for the opening which is equal parts jazzy, bluesy and melancholy. The piano line has smoky fingers that pluck at your senses and make your shoulders want to tap to the rhythm. The beats add to the jazzy vibes of the music for a gentle shuffle through the lyrics. There is an almost theatrical feeling to the song like it would not be out of place in an old movie as you montage through rain-soaked scenes. It is a really captivating mixture of musical elements that all come together for a flow of utter perfection.

Rushbrook’s vocals continue the smoky tones of the melody with a honeyed edge. She infuses a subtle melancholy into her performance through her easy delivery of the lyrics. Her voice is a wonderful extension of the blues flows of the melody and is so captivating. You can easily close your eyes and let her performance wash over you while taking your imagination to the old streets that you used to know.

Sally Rushbrook & The Soothsayers fill you with melancholy as they infuse the loss felt with change into ‘Haunts’. This is an amazing single that captures all the best bits of blues, jazz and folk. These elements are wrapped up in enthralling musical lines and captivating vocals that make the single an instant add to any favourites list.

Find out more about Sally Rushbrook & The Soothsayers on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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