Rios – I’ll See My Baby Again (2020)

After spending ten years in the army, the man behind Rios settled down to bring his musical vision to life. The stories told in his music come from the hard-earned wisdom of a lifetime of experiences. Rios is unique in the way he approaches this storytelling as he embraces the DIY aesthetic.

His music and sound are unique, partially due to his fashioning guitars out of discarded cigar boxes. The repurposing of items to record his songs leaves you with a sound quite unlike anything else out there. While he has been regularly releasing music, his new single ‘I’ll See My Baby Again’ is a modern take on a murder ballad.

‘I’ll See My Baby Again’ has a fast opening with a country twang to it. The music has a gritty and dark tone that builds the tension of the song. The simple melody contrasts the intricate tale constructed by the lyrics.

This murder ballad is a tale in two parts. The first part builds up the budding romance and the narrator’s commitment. The second half takes a dark turn leading to the climax of the song. The track ends with regret and self-reflection.

‘I’ll See My Baby Again’ is a new take on the murder ballad with an alt-country twist. Through skilful songwriting, Rios is able to build the story, hit the climax and leave you with an emotional response to the tale. Any lover of murder ballads will enjoy this song as much as I do.

Find out more about Rios on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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