Robbo – Ghosting (2020)

You might remember Robbo as the bass player of King TV, the South London indie lo-fi band. Now, after five years, he has released his solo singles ‘Ghosting’ and ‘Everything’s Alright’. Drawing on the music of David Bowie, Weezer, Girls and Pixies, Robbo is ready to tell his story.

His track ‘Ghosting’ is the start of a redemption story and talks about social anxiety, guilt and hiding behind an overzealous personality. The single tracks the tale of a night out with friends and the regret felt the morning after. The personal nature of the single is clear and takes the thoughts out of Robbo’s head and lays them out.

‘Ghosting’ is a stripped-back single with just Robbo and his guitar. This simple arrangement helps you connect with the lyrics. Robbo’s vocals are easy on the ears and have a great storytelling quality. While the melody is slow, you still want to sway to it.

Knowing the background of the single is not necessary to appreciate the message. Through the lyrics and smooth melody, you can connect with the struggles laid out in the song.

‘Ghosting’ is a great start to Robbo’s solo career with a stripped back melody and relatable lyrics. You can feel the emotion throughout the track making it more personable. This is a single you can listen to at any time of day and enjoy.

Find out more about Robbo on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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