Romarni Brytz – Deadwood (2022)

Romarni Brytz brought a sense of empowerment and self-respect to our ears through the movement of ‘Marlin’. Now, she has teamed up with her partner in crime, Kasa, for ‘Deadwood’, a pop-rock track that explores the journey of depression. Pairing Kasa’s guitar with Brytz’s floating vocals, they bring a touch of teenage angst to dark lyrics and extremely fun guitar riffs.

The single brings a story that many people can relate to, while the melody keeps things interesting and unique. The storytelling of Brytz’s music continues to shine in this track as she reaches out with a connection for people who often feel alone in what they are feeling. If you are looking for a single that offers a connection while keeping you entertained, this is definitely the one you want.

‘Deadwood’ grabs your attention with the interesting blend of tones in the melody. There are these light tones that twinkle in the higher levels of the melody that seem to bounce and dance off the lower guitar tones. As the single progresses, a darker guitar tone takes over, like the darkness of your mind creeping up and overtaking the good vibes. The movement of the melody captures the journey of depression as you feel it retreat, only to come back and overtake all the good feelings you have. Later in the track, there is a rather intense feeling to the guitars that gets your heart racing a bit, before it sighs out into some wonderful guitar notes.

Brytz’s vocals slide in from the first moment, riding the waves of the guitar. Her voice is airy and almost ethereal as she wisps against the melody. Her voice is like the thoughts that move through your mind while on the journey of the lyrics. The lyrics are an interesting combination of flittering thoughts, emotions and experiences that bring feelings of fighting depression to life. The chorus has a rising feeling as you try to fight the darkness and consider why this is happening. When the music turns for the darker moments, there is an overwhelmed feeling to the vocal performance. In the last moments of the track, you are able to breathe easily as the vocals sigh out into the melody.

Romarni Brytz teams up with Kasa for a journey in depression as the guitars rise with darkness, while the vocals bring an airy float in ‘Deadwood’. The music grabs your attention from the first moment, with the unique movement of the melody. The vocals float over the musical movement like thoughts flitting through your brain.

Find out more about Romarni Brytz on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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