Sahara Beck – Stillness (2022)

Lying somewhere between Jessie J and Lorde, but with her own unique brand of pop, Sahara Beck is a rarity in the contemporary pop scene. This is my first taste of Beck, but she has been turning heads across the globe. Featured in Find No Enemy, Sinusoidal Music, York Calling and Indie Top 39, the Australian songstress has captured the heart of numerous critics.

With a reputation for engaging melodies and energetic performances, Sahara Beck is already ensnaring the senses of audiences. She has performed at notable festivals and toured with the likes of Bishop Briggs, but now we’re looking at her latest single ‘Stillness’.

Following her seductive single ‘Kryptonite’ (read our review here), Beck adopts a smoother, more flowing sound in ‘Stillness’. Unlike ‘Kryptonite’, there is less bounce to the new single filling your ears with soothing and intoxicating sounds. The melodic arrangement of guitars, drums and keys sets you adrift on a glistening sonic river. However, a movement to more rock-inspired guitars makes you aware of the turbulent waves beneath.

Co-written with her friend Alex Henriksson and produced by Tony Buchen, ‘Stillness’ merges synthetic vibes with organic instrumentation – particularly the heavy rock guitar riffs. This not only tries to find a balance between electronic and organic but also looks at that divide between reality and otherworldliness. It’s this experience that pushes the cinematic obscurity of ‘Stillness’ with a strong lashing of human fragility.

Described as “…describing the impactful reality of how her [Sahara Beck] panic attacks begin, evolve and take over, compared to a traffic jam”, ‘Stillness’ touches on overwhelming vulnerability. Using a personal narrative, Beck effortlessly connects with audiences who may be experiencing similar emotions. The juxtaposition of calming vocals atop roaring guitars heightens this fragility making it a highly emotional single.

“I really wanted those heavy guitars in the chorus to accompany the soft, calm singing…the kind of meditative vocal becomes like a soft cushion surrounding me.” – Sahara Beck on ‘Stillness’

Sincere, sentimental and brutally honest, ‘Stillness’ delicately uses poetic lyricism to journey through human fragility. As I said, this is my first taste of Beck, and I can’t wait for more from the stunning siren.

For more from Sahara Beck check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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