Rosalie – Sunshine In The Dark (2020)

Scottish duo Rosalie are using their debut EP Sunshine in the Dark as look into the best people have to offer. Through the 3-track EP, the pair consider the highs and lows of life. They look at the small steps that often seem to be the hardest and consider love. Each track tackles a different part of this journey using personal experiences and views.

Nina Bossicart and Stewart Landsburgh formed the band in 2019 and have been working on their sound since. The EP was written and recorded in their home studio for a completely DIY experience. Drawing on the sounds of Florence and the Machine, Heartless Bastards and Ben Howard, the pair also infuse a little of themselves into each track.

The EP starts with ‘What Women Do’ which is very easy to relate to. The track has a bluesy feeling to it and you are slowly drawn into the soundscape. The minimalistic ballad carries a message that everyone should listen to and take to heart. Bossicart’s vocals are powerful on the track in a very understated way. As she draws you into the track, you can hear that there is a personal meaning to the song as emotions are woven into each note.

‘Poem’ takes you on a journey through the seasons of life to a more pop melody. This song has a completely different vibe to the last highlighted by the pounding beat and almost dreamy vocals. There is a hazy edge to Bossicart’s performance while Landsburgh’s guitar gets to shine more. As you are taken through the seasons, you are also thrown into changing emotions. It is a very catchy track that you can easily listen to at any time.

The EP ends with ‘Oh You’ which changes up the soundscape again. Bossicart’s vocals hit you from the start and dreamily draw you into the track. The melody brings back some of the stripped-back simplicity of the opening track but sheds the blues vibe for some melodic rock. This track is the most emotive of the EP with the vocals and melody dripping feelings from the start to the very end.

The three very distinct songs on Sunshine in the Dark by Rosalie will have you reflecting on yourself, love and life. Each song shines the light on a different facet of the band and tells you that there is more to this duo than first meets the eye.

Find out more about Rosalie on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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