Alpha Mortal Foxtrot – White Collar (2020)

Finding happiness can seem like a constant struggle that you need to go through every day. If you are looking for a soundtrack for this feeling, ‘White Collar’ by Alpha Mortal Foxtrot might just be the single you are looking for. The single touches on the dilemmas facing white-collar workers and other issues within society.

Drawing on a range of rock and pop influences, Raiden Soedjono (drums), Adrian Hardjapamekas (bass), Wiku Anindito (vocals, guitar) and Ricky Putra (guitars) cover both sides of the story. Using upfront vocals and dynamic melodies, this four-piece creates multi-layered soundscape.

‘White Collar’ introduces you to Anindito’s vocals from the first second. His light vocals draw you into the track and set the tone of the lyrics. There is breathiness to his performance that creates a sense of the hustle of the world before you are hit with the pounding guitars. As the song progresses, his vocals are a steady thread against the movement of the melody. This is a great representation of the movement of the world around you while you seem to stand still.

The dynamic melody swings from a light touch to a pounding soundscape. At the start of the song, there is a very light melody resting beneath the vocals. This changes when the guitar comes in and hits you with an alternative-rock blast. The melody makes you think about the bustle of cities and the movement of the world. The changes in tempo make the song interesting and leave you feeling off-kilter in a way that perfectly matches the lyrics and theme of the track.

Alpha Mortal Foxtrot drives you into the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city while looking for happiness in ‘White Collar’. The changing tempo of the melody is weighted against the steady vocals to give a sonic representation of the world moving while you are seemingly standing still.

Find out more about Alpha Mortal Foxtrot on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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