Roses in Hand – Paradise (2021)

Through their latest single ‘Paradise’, Roses in Hand balance the difficulty of insecurity against the beautiful chaos that reassurance can bring. Packed with optimistic energy, the single brings rich harmonies, groovy melodics and intense tones to the soundscape. Through the lyrics, the band considers having everything you want in front of you but feeling that you don’t deserve it. These lyrics are tempered with the reassurances of the band.

The optimism and peaceful mindset that is woven into the single comes from duo Jessica Allen and Samuel Burrell. The quirky duo met by chance on the set of writing for a movie and started to test the waters with their sound through busking. Since then, they have been developing their fresh sound, won regional and national songwriting awards and drawn a serious following.

‘Paradise’ combines ambient tones and interesting electronic notes to grab your attention. These electronic tones drop for a powerful piano line only for those electronic tones to build from the depths. There is a dance feeling to the lower levels of the music that have you moving to their flow before you can stop yourself. It is a really dynamic melody that brings different sonic elements together to form a moving and light melody. There is so much bright energy woven into the sound that you can’t help but smile and want to lose yourself in the sound. The groovy flows bring some of the reassurance you need to contrast the lyrics and sadder emotions of the vocals.

Allen’s vocals slide into your ears riding the edge of the electronic tones that open the single. Her voice is a guiding light through the verses that draws you further into the soundscape. When the chorus hits, the layered harmonies of her voice swing into a really great electronic pop and dance movement. The lyrics touch on self-doubt and the idea that you don’t deserve what you have. This is overshadowed by the positive energy that comes at you from all sides when the chorus really hits you. The optimism of the vocals is bolstered by the melody to help you shed the negatives in life and feel the bliss of the good vibes.

Roses in Hand sweep away self-doubt and feeling that you don’t deserve what you have in the flows of undeniable optimism that is packed into each note of ‘Paradise’. The melody uses almost ambient tones to grab your attention before flinging you into the dancing beats. The vocals ride the edges of the opening electronic notes only to take you through the lows of life and fill you with positive energy.

Find out more about Roses in Hand on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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