Track of the Day: Romarni Brytz – Angel

At the tender age of 16, Romarni Brytz knew what she should (and would) be doing with her life. Busking on the streets of London, she performed songs by the iconic folk singers of yesteryear, including Neil Young and Carol King. In amidst the set of covers, she placed some original compositions for some originality y’know. Soon, Brtyz was performing a solo set at The Royal Albert Hall…and all before she hit the age of 17. After graduating, Brytz began experimenting as a singer/songwriter collaborating with artists in various genres. The latest addition to her growing repertoire is ‘Angel’.

Released in July 2020, ‘Angel’ is a move away from the folk-inspired debut ‘Beyond’ and alt-rock ‘Honey’. A more upbeat, lighthearted and cheery track, ‘Angel’ is a true representation of her youthfulness. The spirited guitar complements her airy and charming vocals making this a true summer anthem. Brytz may be very young, but this track (and her others) demonstrate a natural talent beyond her years.

“I’m a strong believer of everything happening for a reason. Although I understand it’s not always easy to keep this in mind when living in such an odd time. I think it’s important to cling on to that hope and appreciate what we can learn and take from a situation. Whether it’s another person who does that for you, an activity or an object, everybody has the ability to find their own angel in disguise.” – Romarni Brytz on ‘Angel’

Find out more about Romarni Brytz on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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