RUINS – Wearing White (2020)

Have you ever wondered what colours would say to us if they could talk? Well, wonder no more as this is what ‘Wearing White’ by RUINS is all about. A semiotic autobiography of the colour white, this unique single offers you an insight into what the colour might have to say. The interesting and unique theme is backed up by an equally fascinating soundscape.

This unique single is courtesy of Lloyd Rock (vocals) and Nik Kavanagh (bass, synths). The duo met through a mutual friend and soon started sharing musical ideas. This resulted in carefully crafted and emotive singles with a thought-provoking edge. Ernest and poetic, this single is unlike anything you might have heard before not only in lyrical content, but sonic experience as well.

‘Wearing White’ uses thumping beats and catchy synth lines to draw you into the interesting soundscape. The beats create a steady flow to the music, but resting on this is a unique plucking. The interaction between the beats and higher tones is carefully crafted to hook you and keep your attention. However, the thumping soundscape does not overshadow the delicate vocals that drape over the melody like a lace cloth.

Rock’s vocals are a delicate falsetto touch skimming the top of the melody. The flow of the delivery is easy and open as you are drawn into an introspection of the colour white. There is a poetic vibe to the lyrics as you float with the almost ethereal vocal delivery. The interplay between the different elements enhances the vibe of the track as you float with the vocals and are held to the ground by the deep beats. The lyrics get you thinking and picturing images of white.

RUINS provide an interesting insight into the colour white with the unique flow of ‘Wearing White’. The single has a deep beat that grounds you while the interesting higher tones dance along the melody. The vocals are delicate and open while providing you with a possible insight into the emotive life of the colour.

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