Chris Too Far – Mess Around (2020)

‘Mess Around’ is the debut single of Chris Too Far who is no stranger to large fanbases. While hitting out with a mainstream electronic pop sound, the single quickly turns to something much more original. Blending familiar tones with a unique soundscape, he lifts you into the dynamic and intense melody that is tempered by his vocals.

Over the years, Chris has written songs for other artists and performed at radio roadshows. He is now taking the experience he has gained and focussing it on his own music. Telling a compelling story through his music, he draws listeners in for a truly epic sonic experience.

The plucky notes at the start of ‘Mess Around’ creates an uplifting vibe from the first moments of the track. There is a very laidback flow to the opening that draws you into the melody before it swings for a more dynamic sound. The deep pulses that come soar over you and lifts you even higher. The melody has an infectious energy that you fall into and get caught up in. For the chorus, the music gains in intensity which matches the flow of the vocals.

Chris’ vocals are a smooth and delicate line at the start of the song and on the verses. However, they fly on the chorus for a memorable and catchy vibe. You can’t help but move when the chorus hits. At times his vocals are soft and gentle only to grab your hand and fly into the sky. It is a wonderful showcase of his abilities while being unbelievably engaging.

Chris Too Far uses his debut single ‘Mess Around’ to lightly draw you in only to swing into a dynamic and uplifting vibe. The melody builds in intensity as the song progresses while his vocals gain power on the chorus to send you flying. Throughout the single, you are sent tumbling along an epic soundscape.

Find out more about Chris Too Far on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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