Ryan Love – Dance Till the End (2020)

There are many people who are longing for the day they are able to get back to the dance club after pandemic restrictions have been lifted. What this could feel like has been painted by Ryan Love in his single ‘Dance Till the End’. Together with Paytra, they consider the inevitable day when you can experience crowded spaces and fun with other people. Through the music, you are filled with anticipation.

While Love is usually a solo artist, he has teamed up with Paytra for this energetic track. The pair met a few years ago on the set of a series pilot and got together to write and record the song in Brooklyn. The feel-good vibes of the track will have you feeling upbeat and wanting to dance.

‘Dance Till the End’ has these interesting beats in the opening that grab your attention. This flows smoothly into a more dance vibe, but there is a melding of RnB and urban beats with more traditional dance vibes. The melody has a build-up which adds to the anticipation of the message in the track. You can’t help but want to move to the melody as it grabs your spine and moves your body without any conscious thought.

Love’s vocals are a smooth line over the dance beats that slides against your ears. He vividly paints the picture of a club after restrictions have been lifted. Through the lyrics, you can easily picture the scene and are filled with the vibes of being surrounded by friends and having fun. Paytra’s vocals come through for the second verse and add to the anticipation in the melody. Her voice offers a second perspective of what could happen. The sharing of the verses is a wonderful portrayal of two people’s perspective of these times.

Ryan Love and Paytra fill you with anticipation while getting you moving to their beat in ‘Dance Till the End’. The single melds dance music with the smoothness of RnB and some captivating urban beats. The vocals are smooth and paint the scene vividly to have you longing for a time when restrictions are lifted.

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