Sweet Roger – Pay Me (2020)

If you have been searching for a new single that brings back the surly blues and folk of the early 20th century, go no further. Sweet Roger has just what you need in ‘Pay Me’. The raw acoustic single speaks to the history of labour, remuneration and work for hire. Connecting with a story that most find relatable, it looks at someone who has managed to survive and thrive in a world of hardship and opposition.

The single is the first instalment of his upcoming album and is reminiscent of the coarse folksy pickings of old. An entirely independent endeavour, he created the track on his own without a producer or professional studio. The raw vocals and growling acoustics touch a part of your soul that has been opened by the unsettled mood of the modern world.

The rich guitar opening of ‘Pay Me’ has you thinking of music from a different time. There is something untethered about the melody that has you thinking of the open road. Resting in the lower levels of the track is a slightly creepy vibe. However, this does not overtake the overall compelling feeling of the melody that makes you want to hit the road and surround yourself with rolling fields and clear skies. The flow of the melody is wonderful as it perfectly blends blues with country and folk for a raw sound.

Roger’s vocals add to the sense of untethered freedom in the melody. His voice has a rough and coarse edge to it that fills you with a sense of the untamed wilds. His performance effortlessly draws you into the lyrics that tell the story of someone surviving in the face of adversity. There is an ambiguity within the lyrics as you never quite know if the person survives because they are cunning or through perseverance.

Sweet Roger swaggers into your senses with the compelling acoustics of his blues-folk single ‘Pay Me’. Drawing on the coarse and raw sounds of the past, he paints the picture of surviving in the face of adversity. However, this is filled with an ambiguity that creates a dark edge to the music.

Find out more about Sweet Roger on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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