Sabine – Looking for Love (2021)

Having love for yourself is more important than many people imagine. This is what Sabine is here to tell us in her upbeat and summery single ‘Looking for Love’. Through the irresistible pop tones, she expresses love for oneself and how this is important if you want to take the true route to happiness. A solid pop track, it will find its way onto your favourite pop playlist.

Combining a catchy melody with Sabine’s beautiful vocals, the single showcases why she has gained consistent support from BBC Introducing. Drawing inspiration from the female greats that have gone before her, Sabine infuses contemporary sounds into her chilled pop soundscape. Having moved from strength to strength since she started releasing her music, Sabine has not let remote working slow her down and that is clear through this single.

‘Looking for Love’ is a soft pastel cloud that you sink into as the soft flows of the music wash over you. The instrumentation is gentle while washing the world in soft colours. While the opening line of the melody is all soft cushioning, there is a swell to the music as the drums push you to new heights. There is such a light feeling to this track that you can’t help but feel the heaviness on your chest lift up. Through the music, you are lead to a blooming of affection like a flower slowly opening to face the light.

The softness of the melody lets the power of Sabine’s vocals really shine. Her voice has a unique tinge to it that lets you know exactly who is singing while leading you into the lyrics. Through the lyrics, Sabine acknowledges that we often turn in the wrong direction when looking for love. Her journey through the lyrics is incredibly relatable as she turns inward to find the love that she has been looking for. Her vocals on the chorus are so catchy that you can’t help but sing along. If you aren’t singing to the chorus, you obviously are not playing this irresistible track loud enough.

Sabine fills your ears with the colours of summer while lifting your spirits and finding the love you have been looking for in ‘Looking for Love’. The melody is packed with soft pop stylings that allow the emotions of the track to blossom into life. Her voice is touching as she takes you on a journey to self-love complete with an unbelievably catchy chorus.

Find out more about Sabine on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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