Safari Room – Young Water (2020)

Safari Room is a 4-piece indie-rock band that formed in Nashville, but hail from Omaha, Newark and Dayton. While the band calls Nashville their home, they have their sights set on bigger things. Having already established themselves as one of the city’s more personal and intriguing bands, it is not hard to see them progressing further.

The band is made up of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Alec Koukol, guitarist Chris Collier, bass/vocalist Emma Lambiase and drummer Austin Drewry. They have toured the US and are gearing up to release their first full-length album. They have been releasing a steady stream of music since their first EP in 2016. Their latest track, ‘Young Water’, has now come out.

The track wastes no time introducing you to the smooth vocals of Koukol. The steady drum throughout keeps you bobbing your head to the tune. The easy listening melody does not detract from the thoughtful and optimistic lyrics.

The lyrics detail the tension of monotony and cyclical behaviours. The scene builds through the song into a soft anthem for those wanting to break these behaviours. You can hear the sincerity in the music and the rhythms of the track do leave you feeling hopeful that you can push through anything you face.

While the track dropped at the start of the month, Safari Room is releasing the music video tomorrow (20 May). The video is a perfect accompaniment to this upbeat and uplifting song.

‘Young Water’ is a superb blending of guitars, vocals and great lyrics. The smooth rhythms keep you listening while the lyrics bring a bubble of emotion. With such a strong first single, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Find out more about Safari Room on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram.

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